About Artenthusia

Wave pictures and g house june 07 020It is said that every artist dips their brush into their own soul and paints their own nature into their business

Elizabeth Adams was born with an amazing talent for art, which she has shared through her professional teaching over the last 30 years. She knows that everyone has their art within them and with some training and exciting projects, she hopes to fuel their passion. This site is testimony to her own art and to those she has inspired. She hopes to inspire you too.

Not only has Elizabeth been teaching 11-18 year old boys for almost 30 years in her position as Art Teacher in Elizabeth College, Guernsey (named after Queen Elizabeth I who opened it in 1563, not after Mrs Adams herself), as well as girls at Ladies’ College Guernsey, but she has been involved with and run a number of adult education private and public courses. She shares her enthusiasm with like-minded people and those with creativity within them, no matter their walk of life. She volunteers her time at Les Bourgs Hospice, where her weekly projects have brought light and enthusiasm to even the most unwell patients. Her work is also displayed in the local hospital, where she hopes to raise the spirits of those in need.

Prince Charles attended one of Elizabeth’s classes in 2012 during his visit to Guernsey and the formal opening of Les Bourgs Hospice. He marvelled at the achievements of the patients and recognised the joy this brought to all involved. His unveiling of the official plaque used a silk painting that Elizabeth and her students created for the event as you can see in the photographs.



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