Bluebell Woods pastels by Elizabeth Adams – sneak preview!

Guernsey artist Elizabeth Adams is in her creative flow at the moment. She’ll always have time for a chat and A-level season is at it’s peak – but she’s ‘in the zone’.

This means that she’ll suddenly announce that she will have to go, she’ll get that distant look in her eyes and she’ll dive into her greenhouse studio at Midsummer House, Guernsey and emerge several hours or days later from out of the dark with another masterpiece!

Her subject at the moment is the beautiful bluebell woods in Guernsey, presented in pastel with the ambition to exhibit (and hopefully sell) a significant number of them at Quay Gallery in Mill Street, Guernsey.

Which one is your favourite? I suspect there will be more…

Elizabeth is enthusiastic about creating art and teaching others to do it, having been an art teacher for almost 30 years. Her site is under construction, it’s a tribute to her work including prestigious portraits and landscape scenes of Guernsey, as well as her cartoon commissions. Who is writing this blog? Her hugely proud daughter Naomi, who is less of an artist but slightly more technical than her mum.

Contact us at or

bluebell woods 4bluebell woods 3bluebell woods 2bluebell woods 1


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